Covid-19 Self Care

A Message from Amanda Larson, VCHA President

It has been 10 weeks since our daily lives were turned upside and we began living in what can be called an alternate universe … a COVID-Universe. As we have somewhat adjusted and are waiting for the world to normalize again, many of us are feeling anxious and even lonely.

At many times we are left only with our own thoughts or we are overwhelmed by the constant noise and chatter that fills our homes. With the knowledge that we still have a journey ahead of us, the necessity for self-care has become of even greater importance. We want you to know that your leadership at VCHA is here for you and cares about you as a person.

We will be sending out emails and posting to our website and Facebook page various ideas and suggestions to help you take care of YOU. We are fortunate to have in our membership Vinay of Pacific Senior Care kicking this off with some Mindful Meditation, so find a quiet place, click the link and let’s take a deep breath together. Click here for an eight-minute Mindful Meditation video.

Thank you for all that you do for our seniors, our cause and our community. More self-care to come…

Stay Happy and Healthy,
Amanda Larson
VCHA President